Frequently Asked Questions

How long will oysters last once I purchase them?2021-08-18T12:35:13+01:00

Oysters are packed fresh from the sea and have a best before day of up to 8 days if stored in the fridge from the packing date.

How should I store my oysters?2021-08-18T12:43:19+01:00

Your oysters should be stored in the fridge (0-4 degrees Celsius). Never submerge your oysters in water or ice as it can destroy them.

How do you open an oyster?2021-08-18T12:56:47+01:00
  • First, you’ll need to get a towel along with your shucking knife. Always use a towel to protect your hand and always use a shucking knife opposed to a regular knife for safety reasons.
  • Place the oyster in one hand on a folded towel and look for the natural hinge on your oyster and insert the shucking knife. From here you dig the shucking knife and turn form left to right until it starts to loosen.
  • Once the oyster is open, from here run the edge of the shucking knife under your oyster to release it from the shell.
Where does the Oyster Farm Tour take place?2021-08-18T13:04:58+01:00

The tour is located on an oyster farm in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. Once you have booked the tour you will receive an email with the exact location of where to meet.

How much is the Oyster Farm Tour?2021-08-18T13:09:42+01:00

The tour costs €45pp and children under the age of 16 go free!

How long does the Oyster Farm Tour last?2021-08-18T13:13:15+01:00

Each tour lasts for approximately 1.5 hours.

When does the Oyster Farm Tour take place?2021-08-18T13:17:08+01:00

The tour takes place every Friday at 11am. Private bookings are also available and you can email hello@sligooysterexperience.ie to enquire.

What does the Oyster Farm Tour entail?2021-08-18T13:34:12+01:00

On the Oyster Farm Tour you will get to;

  • Enjoy a unique seafood experience guided by Aisling who is the owner of the Sligo Oyster Experience.
  • Learn all about Sligo’s ancient seafood.
  • Get exclusive access to a long established working oyster farm who produce delicious oysters.
  • Learn about the care, craft and expertise that goes into growing Sligo Bay Oysters from a tiny seed all the way to your plate.
  • Take in the views of the iconic mountains of Benbulben and Knocknarea, the grand expanse of Sligo Bay and learn about how land and sea together influence the taste of our oysters.
  • Complete the experience by enjoying oysters by the shore with a local craft beer, bubbles and refreshments.
What should you wear for the Oyster Farm Tour?2021-08-18T13:38:57+01:00

As you are outdoors for the duration of the tour it is recommended that you wear footwear such as wellies or hiking boots as the ground can be wet and all weather proof clothes incase of bad weather while on the tour.

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